We welcome any partnership that would like to join our referral network or form a sister-hospital relationship so that patients can be treated more locally where possible, whilst remaining under the medical therapy umbrella of the DCEz.

We aim to collaborate with other hospitals to offer similar services to support greater life extension in pursuit of a cure for this disease and ease the burden on parents to have to travel around the world seeking help.

The University Children’s Hospital Zurich has been accepted as a member of the Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium ( and we will foster this collaboration to interact with disease experts around the globe. Through the close collaboration of PNOC with the Childhood Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (, the DCEz will have access to large genomic and model systems of these tumours that will support discovery of new treatment paradigms.

Our Partners

The hospital operates on a non-profit basis that enables us to launch a series of clinical trials and small patient programmes consecutively and even simultaneously without having to wait for constant new funding. Further donations will be allocated to the lab research capability within the DRIz to the lab research capability.

The DCEz is focused solely on improving therapeutic outcomes for patients. We have no interest in the commerce of IP or the need for sole data ownership.

As a consequence, we will be working closely with multiple pharmaceutical and device companies, utilizing best of breed well validated drugs for each sub-type of DIPG disease in the DCEz and driven by research output from the DRIz where we can test optimized combinations and dose concentrations, and delivered via novel device pathways.

Pharmaceutical companies can work closely with us to determine where their drug can fit into the plural drug combinations necessary to manage and ultimately destroy DIPG.