Our Commitment

The DCEz has applied for regulatory approval to commence a clinical trial using a convection enhanced drug delivery pathway (CED with a multi-catheter device) to administer a soluble formulation of Panobinostat (MTX-110) directly to the brain stem.

In parallel, we have commenced a compassionate care programme offering multiple therapeutic options. The DCEz has prioritized extending the lives of children with DIPG, and providing patient and parent care with advice, support and of course therapies.

  • We aim not to accept defeat as a result, ever.
  • We aim to respond to parents and patients who contact us within 72 hours of initial contact.
  • We are focused on trying to provide one of the most rapid patient enrolment processes worldwide.
  • We commit to focus primarily on translating top class research at the DRIz into top class clinical therapy in the DCEz to improve patient outcomes as quickly as possible.
  • We commit to worldwide collaboration with other hospitals, clinics and medics to ensure that children receive the best possible treatment whilst under our care.