Our Objectives


The DCIz is committed to providing the best care for your child and change the current therapeutic standard by offering individualized and biology driven therapies. We will begin by carefully reviewing your child’s medical records and respond in a timely manner.


We will stand side by side with parents, and where we unfortunately are unable to treat your child, we will try to advise about alternative medical centres, DIPG clinical trials and brain cancer support services elsewhere around the world.


To help those parents who speak languages other than English, we can provide an interpreter to help communication and reduce stress. We issue an invitation letter so you can apply for a Swiss medical visit visa should you need it.


We have established international collaborations and a rich network of physicians caring for children with DIPG and other malignant midline gliomas. If we cannot offer any reasonable therapies either within the DCEz or the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, we will strive to connect families to other institutions if that could be in the best interest of the patient and family.


The University Children’s Hospital Zurich has established a service that advises and supports families in organizing their entry into Switzerland, recommending nearby hotel accommodation at discounted rates, providing information on logistics upon arrival at the airport, and if necessary meeting families at the airport to support them

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The patients will be derived from all parts of the globe; particular emphasis in the future will be placed on informing emerging market medical specialists on how to diagnose a brain glioma as early as possible in order to reduce the damaging delay from apparent symptoms to diagnosis.