Mission & Vision

We have committed to pioneering one of the first specialist research and therapeutic clinics focused on DIPG and other malignant midline gliomas.

The DCEz believes that clinical therapeutic research must foster and drive forward in depth understanding of the biology of these tumours as well as changes that occur throughout a treatment course. By associating the Clinic with a dedicated research laboratory and in consort with internationally recognized collaborators, we aim to interrogate each child’s tumour with state of the art technologies.

By using that knowledge and applying combinatorial therapies, optimally sequencing of various treatment regimens and improving drug delivery pathways, we aim to improve outcomes for these tumours as soon as possible.

The DCEz and DRIz are wholly committed to viewing clinical therapeutic research and patient delivery as symbiotic and inextricably intertwined, from bench to bedside and back to bench, to achieve the maximum possible visibility of the efficacy of therapies immediately after treatment.

The DCEz and the DRIz work side by side as an integrated team, wholly focused on the primary ambition of obtaining successful therapeutic outputs, driven each day by a passion to improve clinical outcomes for children.

Over the course of 60 years, there has not been any overall extension of life from the average overall survival period of 9-11 months through the initiation and enrolment of children with DIPG on any one of the 250 plus clinical trials that have been available. The DCEz is focused upon altering this fact.