The Eliminate Cancer Initiative wrote to us in May 2019 as follows:
“You have clearly demonstrated a commitment to collaborating openly and broadly in the interests of advancing the science of oncology and in hopes of improving outcomes for cancer patients”

DCEz is committed to collaborate with national and international experts, and we have re-consolidated efforts at academic institutions around the globe. We have amassed one of the most multidisciplinary teams with a united focus on accelerating discoveries for diffuse midline gliomas. By leading collaborative efforts across these institutions, DCEz aims to develop a collaborative model of rapid data sharing, accelerated discovery (by reducing redundancies), and generating effective therapies. DCEz is committed to share all generated data regardless of publication status. All molecular data will be shared through CBTTC portals where access is granted to all interested applicants. High levels of data visibility, collaboration, and partnership are major components of DCEz’s Programme.

DIPG - A new research and clinical pathway

"with a single Programme as part of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, are exclusively focused on”
Extending Life Expectancy for Kids with DIPG through Precision Medicine

The new DIPG Centre of Expertise, Zurich (“DCEz”) and the DIPG Research Institute, Zurich (“DRIz”) working within a single Programme, are exclusively focused on producing improved therapeutic results for children with DIPG and other midline gliomas leading to longer survival times.


Heads of the DCEz and DRIz

The new DCEz, is pleased to announce that it has appointed an internationally recognized paediatric neuro oncologist specializing in DIPG, Sabine Mueller, MD, Ph.D., MAS as the Head of the Clinical Programme of the DCEz. Dr. Mueller joins from Benioff Children´s Hospital, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where she remains on faculty as an Adjunct Associate Professor. Sabine is a board-certified paediatrician, child neurologist and neuro-oncologist with a research program focused on the development and implementation of novel therapies for paediatric brain tumours with an emphasis on DIPG.

The new DRIz has appointed Dr. Javad Nazarian, PhD as the Head of the DIPG Research Institute. Dr. Nazarian has joined from Center for Genetic Medicine at Children’s National Medical Center, Washington D.C. and as an Associate Professor in Integrative Systems Biology at the George Washington University. Dr. Nazarian is also the Scientific Co-Chair of the Children’s Brain Tumour Tissue Consortium (www.cbttc.org).

In order to render our best diagnostic impression and therapeutic recommendation we will need to review images which need to be sent to us via courier on a CD as well as comprehensive medical records. English, French or German languages are accepted. If translated records of other languages are not available, we will be happy to set up a phone call with an interpreter.
We do supply intensive second opinions. Please email us to enquire about this process. Payments can be made using this system: https://www.skrill.com/en/
Our DCEz direct email address is: [email protected]

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Team of Medical Professionals

Sabine Mueller
Head - Clinical Programme
Javad Nazarian
Head - DIPG Research Institute
Michael Grotzer
Medical Director
Niklaus Krayenbühl
Director of Neurosurgery
Stephanie Mathes
Programme Manager
Nicolas Gerber
Department of Oncology
Ana Guerreiro Stücklin
Pediatric Oncologist
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